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Vineyard pillars

There is no disease that causes rotting

They are harmless and can be recycled

Ease of handling, top quality, durability

The advantages of  “UNIPROMET” vineyard pillars in comparison to traditional wooden ones are numerous:

  • Easy to plant in the ground in the fruit growing area
  • The special shape and hardness of the hooks, which are placed parallelly on both sides, make it easy to place the wire and the possibility of replacement without special equipment
  • The shape of the hook allows longitudinal moving of the wire and does not allow it to accidentally drop out
  • They are protected from corrosion, in all weather conditions, by hot zinc plating process according to DIN EN ISO 1461 standard, with a zinc coating thickness of 50-70 micrometers, which guarantees long lifetime and high durability
  • Suitable for vineyards where manual and mechanical picking is performed
  • You can adjust the length of the pillars to Your needs, and they are particularly suitable for hydraulic nailing
  • If the truth is in the wine, then the vineyard is held by trully solid pillars
  • Unique, zinc plated, metal pillars, easily placed on all surfaces, regardless of where your vineyards were – in the plain or on a hill, with the beauty and harmony of grapevine, make Your vineyard more sunny.
  • For more yields of grapevines, for good development and cultivation of the root and chokot, for a more harmonious bower, for healthier vineyards